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Video Clips of Various Robot Performances

Please not to use these clips except for pure research purposesD


(1)High Bar RobotiDaddy the Easy 1j

Kip Action iNovember, 1994j 2.16Mb(Mpeg1)

Photo of High Bar Robot


(2)Video Clips of Saxophone Performance Robot(The Development started in 1991.j

Giant Steps + Midi(John Coltrane's number)i1999j 33.5Mb(Mpeg1)

Giant Steps (Solo) i1999j 32.9Mb(Mpeg1)

Giant Steps + Midi(Tempo=350)i1999j 28.9Mb(Mpeg1)

Air Wolf + Midii1999j 24.9Mb(Mpeg1)

Violin Concerto No.2 by F.Seitz(not full)i1999j 26.2Mb(Mpeg1)


(3)Trumpet Performance Robot (APR-TP1)

Love Thema from gThe Godfatherh(Recorded in 1996) 3.35Mb(Mpeg1)

You Donft Have to Say You Love Me iRecorded in 1994j 19.5Mb(Mpeg1)

YesterdayiRecorded in 1994j 16.9Mb(Mpeg1)


(4) Trombone Performance Robot (APR-TB1)

Oh When the Saints Go Marching IniRecorded in 1996j 8.29Mb(Mpeg1)


(5)Trampoline Robot

Straight Bounce iJuly , 1997j 1.83Mb(Mpeg1)

mf Collection (with No Sound)i1997`8j 9.12Mb(Mpeg1)


(6)Shakuhachi Performance Robot (APR-SH1)

Moon iRecorded in 2000j 2.7Mb(Mpeg1)



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